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Meet and hire pre-vetted senior software engineers with affordable prices, similar time-zone and fluent English.

100% Certified and ready-to-employ

Unleash The Power of Remote

Regardless of your development stage, remote can help you grow your business faster.


Wider Talent Pool

Talrock lets you create unlimited sections, pin unlimited tasks, and organize them how you like!


Competitive Prices

Get an overview of notifications, projects, and upcoming tasks in a beautiful, customizable dashboard.


Similar Time Zone

Developers from Talrock’s platform work with similar time zones as our clients, maintaining high productivity levels


Higher Productivity

Get an insight into where tasks are in the workflow, when they are due, and who is responsible for them


Planet Saver

We live in an age of heightened environmental awareness and remote can reduce personal emissions by up to 80% in some cases


Reduce Business Costs

Studies suggest that companies with remote workers save $11,900 per employee each year in real estate and furniture.


Reduce Employee's Costs

On average, each employee can save up to $5,000 and 13 days of commuting per year


Connecting rock-solid talent with global companies to build sustainable teams

The future of work is distributed

Talrock opens up a world of opportunities where companies can  safely recruit the next generation of talent, regardless of their location, gender or origins.

Pre-vetted by experts

Fully remote

Same time zone

Fair pricing


Reach your full potential in total freedom

Talrock helps the most talented engineers find the best opportunities with leading organizations while enjoying  all the benefits remote work has to offer.

Better recruitment
for a better world

Talent is universal, opportunities are not.

At Talrock, we believe remote work is the key to bridging the gap between companies facing talent shortage and developing countries filled with brilliant minds.

Our mission is to connect both, to promote diversity, inclusion and equality, and ultimately help companies build a better future.


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